About Us

About Us

Seat Armour™ is a rapidly growing automotive accessories manufacturer and distributor and is owned by Insync Business Solutions (IBS).  Our aim at IBS is to manufacture car accessories at a significantly lower cost than competitive manufacturers without compromising on the quality of the product.  At IBS we take pride in addressing all of our client’s requirements by offering a wide range of services and solutions, all of which we provide with the best of our ability.  From polo shirts, oxfords, pants, poly-cotton work shirts, sweaters, hats, leather shoes, t-shirts and auto seat cover, we offer a variety of products that can be customized to meet your needs.  Also included in our product range is a wide array of corporate novelty items such as pens, mugs, key chains etc.  

The story of Seat Armour™ goes back to June 2005 where IBS took a giant leap forward in product assortment by beginning to process a patent for both advertising and practical qualities – the Seat Armour™ Car Seat Towel.  Seat Armour™ is unlike anything that exists in the market today.  This automotive accessory is specifically designed to protect your cars upholstery from normal wear and tear.  Seat Armour™ Car Seat Cover also serves as a multi-functionality tool that assists you with your day to day activities.  

The 100% cotton terry/velour towel will fit over any car headrest and fit comfortably over the seat, protecting the upholstery from dirt, dust and perspiration. This simple design of Sear Armour Car Seat Covers offers a high level of protection without compromising on the safety issues associated with common automotive upholstery protectors. The automotive industry has seen fit to produce cars with various airbag deployment points.  At Seat Armour™ we ensure that our product does not hinder or compromise your safety at the slightest.  With no cumbersome pullovers or straps, Seat Armour™ Car Seat Covers just slips over the headrest and grips tight at the base.  In the unfortunate event of an airbag deployment, Seat Armour™ Car Seat Cover will flex and move away, never constricting deployment.

At IBS we can brand any artwork, logo, or motto directly into the fabric of the towel.  As opposed to the current Seat Armour™ competition, whose advertising capabilities limit you to the inside of your car, Seat Armour™ Auto Seat Protectors will travel beyond the car into the daily activities of consumers.  Seat Armour™ can give your institution maximum visibility in gyms and sports/exercise clubs throughout the nation.  Our Car seat cover can also be used to spread out for a lazy day at the park or keep you warm and dry beside the pool on a hot sunny day.  There’s more, it can also be taken to stadiums and other areas to display your loyalty to your favorite team.

Seat Armour™ is not only an easy and safe way to protect your car seat, but it is also a smart and cost effective way to advertise. This product has no restrictions on use and its functionality is only limited to the imagination of the consumer.

Company Location & Facilities

IBS has its home office and sample warehouse at 1447 Banks Road, Margate, Florida 33063. All customer service, sales functions, accounts receivable and accounts payable are routed through this office. We have the capacity to house up to 1,000,000 units of any finished product and the ability to distribute said product at any quantities necessary at the request of our clients.