Our Clients Include:

  • Delta Airlines
  • Auto Nation
  • Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino
  • Maroone Cadillac
  • Quadratec
  • JC Whitney
  • ChildNet

Our clients know the value of brand exposure utilizing our product as a platform for advertising with a higher ROI than other forms of advertising.  Seat Armour™ is not just a car seat cover; it is a powerful and highly visible branding tool.  The versatility of our product allows for usage outside the car.  Consumers take Seat Armour™ to the gym, beach, park, or to their favorite sporting events!  Corporations get high brand visibility with their brands with better returns than other forms of advertising.

Corporate Advertising

The Seat Armour™ Opportunity for Corporate Advertising and BrandingBetter brand awareness and stickiness . . . with a higher ROI . . . Numerous distribution channels . . .

  • Traditional Advertising Channels Are Expensive.
  • TV: It has been estimated that the average cost of producing a 30-second national TV commercial is nearly $350,000. $50,000 will be spent on the low end.
  • Radio: A budget around $1,750 for creative development plus $3,000 to $6,000 per week over a 3-4week test period for the initial media test. Commit to a $20,000 media test.
  • Direct Mail: Approx cost is $0.1 to $1/ea including color paper, postage but will require bulkpurchase due to disposal of mail. With purchase of 10,000 units, the cost will be between $1,000 to$10,000 with a 1% response rate (many times lower).
  • Newspaper Ads: 1/3 page black and white ad in major newspaper ~ $5,000.
  • Magazine Ads: Magazine ads are significantly more expensive than print ads in newspapers.
  • Movie Theater: Movie theater ad - Shown 3 times before every movie on all 8 screens at a local Cineplex for a week ~$500.
  • Corporations and brands are choosing Seat Armour™ for a higher ROI.
  • Seat Armour™ will cost considerably less to the Brand distributor, and this product will stay with the person for 2 years - it will remain with them in their car, in the gym, in the park, etc.
  • Furthermore, IBS will use more the most current technology for better results.
  • IBS will license technology to enable fast proliferation of Seat Armour™ through social media sites.
  • IBS will continue to partner with online and wholesale distributors to resell its products.
  • Seat Armour™ will be sold through affiliate marketing and thousands of sports fan clubs.